image thumb53 Fashion comes  to MySpace: MySpace Fashion, will it do as good as Music?

While MySpace must be seeing quite some trouble when it comes to generating revenue and of course the traffic, its CEO is definitely on to socialize all content. I guess the idea is to transform MySpace into an entertainment portal as it focuses more on its platforms other than the social network. MySpace Fashion is in news this time after the facelift of its interface. The site offers news on everything related to fashion and styles coming from both famed and new designers. The community has grown quite a lot with over 500,000 members from MySpace as well as non MySpace members and it attracts youngsters between the 18 and 26 year age bracket. I guess that is so because of the content that is available on the site which is primarily for the same age group.

While it is quite popular but I suppose it wont be able to come anywhere close to MySpace Music. And with competition from many existing sites in the same category, it will have a tough time creating a niche for itself.