I just read about LinkedIn rolling out its new search feature called the Faceted Search and it is by all means excellent. I mean the way it helps filter your search results to provide you with the closest possible results to your query, is brilliant and helps you get rid of the useless stuff. Sigh, but almost immediately I had to get back on Facebook to perform a search and boy it sucked big time.

Just watch the video, how simplified the search gets and more importantly how concise and specific. Step over to Facebook and you meet something which you would never want to go through. I mean no matter how you perform your search, you always have a countless results for each query which can very easily drive you nuts to find what you are looking for. Step over to LinkedIn and you have the best possible ways to perform a search and end up with the closest associated results.

How is it beneficial?

This shouldn’t be a tough one. It is pretty obvious if you perform such a query on the professional social network how is it effective. Similarly it will help Facebook improve search experience for users across its platform. Which to be honest, I would love to have on Facebook too, because whenever I perform or plan to perform a query I have the following issues:

  • The Search isn’t easily navigable. I need to have some filters other than location, name, university that Facebook offers. The more options I have to filter my content, the better will be my search experience.
  • The results aren’t precise: Since Facebook continues to expand growing into the largest social network, introduction of precision tools within its search would help me find who I am looking for much easily.
  • There is too much browsing I need to do: Bring in filtering like LinkedIn and voila! That complexity is gone.

Now, I by no mean consider the two to be alike or that Facebook should be threatened by any manner. But in my humble opinion it must try and bring improvements that can help facilitate its users and enhance the experience they have on the social network. I mean why not this if it is continuing to get closer to Twitter functionality and actually Out-Twit Twitter?