verified thumb Facebook’s New Revenue Model – Verified AppsFacebook launched it’s new revenue model dubbing its as the “Verified Apps” program. The program was first announced over the summer at their F8 Developer Conference – Third party applications will be segmented into “Great Apps” and “Verified Apps”.

Many App would then get Verified via getting a special badge to place on the application, designation on the application directory, plus a few other bonuses like advertising credits and easier rules on how many notifications, emails and invitations they can send out to users.

The catch here however is Facebooks, earning model. Via giving developers and users a confidence with great apps and verified apps. Developers pay $375 annual fee for each application. Students and registered non-profits pay $175 for each application they want verified.

If you see that even if all of the 48,000 apps on facebook get verified, it’s a instant hit, Developers get more application hits, thus increasing traffic, thus Facebook getting more money via targeted advertising and last but most importantly $18 million in incremental revenue.

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