image thumb19 Facebook’s iPhone App Emoti Is Now Bug Free

Good news for Emoti fans; the recent issues with its app for the iPhone that had been infected by a bug has been rid of it. The issue as reported now was due to Facebook turning off the old APIs across its platform. This action was taken on Monday and the issue followed the very next day.

The app enables its users to post emoticon rich status messages on their Facebook profiles. But apparently its users lost that due to the bug which, as of I know infected a few apps and quite differently and Facebook was quick in thrashing the blame off by saying the issue was with the application’s own software, which is quite obvious. It is surprising that users who made purchases on Tuesday and from there onwards found it to crash almost immediately. Gladly enough the issue was promptly reported to Facebook and the bug removed to ensure that all users were able to make use of the application without issue at all.