fbf thumb FacebookFund hands out cash to 25 Facebook DevelopersDevelopers received cash grants from Facebook as it announced the 25 winners. The cash grants will be paid from the fbFund, which the developers are getting for creating some of the most promising apps on Facebook. The fbFund was announced an year ago, by Facebook, Accel Partners and the Founders Fund, and has an accumulated $10 million.

The list below has all of the 25 winners, which were selected from a total of 600 applicants. Each recepient received $25,000 and will be eligible for top cash prizes of $225,000.

Facebook will have its users say in selecting the final five, through this page, where members can vote for their favorite app. Some of the popular apps are Weddingbook, Mousehunt and GroupCard.  Checkout these apps and find the 25 developers below:

  • BarTab
  • BlackDrumm
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Check My Campus
  • Daikon
  • Faithfeed
  • Good Call Sports
  • GroupCard
  • Kontagent
  • Koofers
  • Mousehunt
  • Newsbrane
  • PartyBuzz
  • Pongr
  • ProfessionalProfile
  • RealGifts
  • Social Arcade
  • Socialfly
  • Teach the People
  • Thankster
  • TrailBehind
  • Twenty20 Cricket
  • vDream Racing
  • WeddingBook
  • Wildfire