image thumb15 Facebook To Bring Location Features Soon

Wow! Facebook is heading over to location based features and will be introducing these in the coming month. This would enable users to add their location with friends on the social network, letting your network know where you are. These features would also enable the developer community to leverage users sharing their location and design related activities and apps for more location centered user experience.

I know many would be pissed and create a havoc on why is the social network using their location to design apps as bait. But cry as you may, the social network had already included that in their Terms of Service, when the TOS created a lot of controversy last year. Whether you enjoy these new features or not, you have already agreed to let the social network use these, if you happen to be using the social network.

I really appreciate having such features, given that they are very useful. However the issue will be with those countless startups that focus on location features. Just think of it, if you happen to have big names like Google and Facebook giving you those features along with the countless many already, are you really going to use these startups for one dedicated purpose? I doubt that.