image thumb61 Facebook Thinks Becoming a Fan is Old School, Promotes ‘Like’ Instead

There are quite some changes on Facebook, perhaps it is finally beginning to think that asking every fan to become a fan sounds a bit ridiculing. I might like a particular brand, but why should the page blurt out that I am its Fan? I know I am making the ‘become a fan’ option to be quite a taboo but it does appear odd.

The Like option will from now on be the limelight of almost everything you think is good enough and worth sharing with others. And I guess that suffices as well for the brand. We can already like photos, videos, links and comments on the social network and taking this a step forward with putting the same option for fan pages and groups on brands. To be honest it sounded a bit confusing that there may exist a Group and a Fan page of a brand, for one you become a member and the other a fan, to be honest it appears quite senseless and the same reason why quite some folks avoid associating themselves with the brand, even if they like it.

There has been no comment on this from Facebook but the social network has already informed the brands, administers about this upcoming change. Ending this one here, I would like to request you please become a Fan LIKE our Fan Page on Facebook!