image thumb63 Facebook: The One Stop Solution For Anything?

Yahoo Mail integrating with Facebook to let you update status directly, firms going gaga over the social network providing them with reach to millions and what not. The social network is getting all sorts of attention. I mean you had a major security breach earlier today and out comes news that Apple has made an update to its fan page.

With the current move, users will be able to make purchases of applications via Facebook. I am not sure how this really helps Apple in the long run, but at present I just see this to be an absolute win-win situation for the social network that has grown exponential over time and has become vital for almost everything that has anything to do with Online. What I really need to ask here is: Is Facebook really that vital? You can’t doubt it, not now seeing the progress the platform has made over time and the impact it has on the Web and extending to our real lives.

With more of such initiatives shaping up and bigger brands resorting to utilize the social network for purposes that best suit their interest. To me Facebook in the near future stands as a Universal connection to every portal/service on the Web with Facebook Connect, the Facebook Credits eventually becoming the medium of trade while the social network itself providing a window into Stores and purchases of brands via its Fan pages.