image thumb82 Facebook Surpasses Yahoo As Number 2 Video Site, YouTube Still Way Ahead

Numbers always add more weight to your claims than just saying you are the leader in a certain category. I mean you can be a leader amongst losers around you? But lets not make this a lecture of some sort and come to the comScore’s monthly report for August which reveals stats on online video data in the US.

A whopping 178 million people watched online video content at an average 14.3 hours per viewer. Though the total number has remained unchanged and Google sites still lead with a massive 146 million unique viewers it gives me great joy to share Facebook climbing to number two. It had over 58 million unique viewers compared to Yahoo which it surpassed with 53 million plus viewers. Facebook rightly deserves this and Yahoo shouldn’t even be there at all. Honestly I didn’t ever knew that Yahoo even had a video site!

From the table below, it is evident that YouTube is the king, when it comes to engaging users. Each viewer spent an average 860 minutes while on Facebook that was almost 270 minutes. None of the others in the list reach three figures, which just shows how dominant are the top two.

image thumb83 Facebook Surpasses Yahoo As Number 2 Video Site, YouTube Still Way Ahead

YouTube is the absolute boss and it will stay so for a very long time to come. But Facebook has been remarkable, of course the social network has grown exponentially in the last year but that just shows how dependent the online community is on Facebook. That just doesn’t benefit consumers like you and me, but has benefited the advertisers alike, given that an average 4.8 minute video has around 10 seconds of ads, you do the math to figure out how many hours of ads each of these viewers have to see.

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