image thumb49 Facebook Search: A New Site That Puts All Public Statuses At One Place

Threats, privacy, people taking a bite off you being naive enough to not learn how to hide away your information from the public is pretty common when it comes to Facebook. I mean we all should be very well used to it by now. Just in case you aren’t, visit Facebook Search and see for yourself how someone has exploited users’ public statuses and put them up on one site. Honestly those statuses are embarrassing and might very well injure people’s reputation at work.

Why is this happening? Should one be really worried or simply take Mark Zuckerberg’s statement and accept that we are Dumb F**ks? I have no clue what to state here except the fact that there is no escape at all, you are stuck irrespective if it is for your good or bad. Does Facebook care? Absolutely not and to satisfy users it just releases a few features to make users believe that your privacy is of ‘utmost importance’ to the social network. Am I angry? Definitely! Am I leaving Facebook? No, not yet. Why? I have no idea, just that I am being cautious enough to protect myself in a few ways and that if my information is being shared across the Web, it is because I am willing to share so.

If you happen to go ahead and ask your information to be pulled down, the site’s owner might just come out with an answer that he or she has just used your data that is publicly available and that there is nothing being done to attack your privacy. It might be the use of the new social plugins or anything of the many updates it released at the f8. You name and there is a reason to defend any loose ends associated to Facebook and its slack or blunt attitude, whatever way you put it. I am dead tired of reporting this and I guess I should wrap this up and secure my privacy by going to sleep.