like us on facebook button1 300x114 Facebook Relaxes Rules For On Page Competitions: Big News For Brands And BusinessSaves the hassle associated to creating custom tabs on pages to run competition, especially those that required users to only comment or like to participate. We are talking about quick turn around time, leveraging key events on the go and removing the need to spend time exploring what new app to use. Thank you Facebook for being a bit lenient with the introduction of the change in policy.

Facebook rolled out an update on the Page terms and conditions to enable businesses and brands to readily conduct quick promotions. There are however some restrictions associated to using native Facebook functionality to conduct any such competitions or promotions. These include:

  1. Use of Hasthags
  2. Posting on users’ personal profile
  3. Tagging the brand or business in their own status or photos

The change benefits brands and business beyond running quick competitions. While it does save on the cost of using third party apps or having them developed it also saves the advertising revenue that is used for promoting such competitions. Also the benefits will be there for the digital media agencies as well since they, like the brands will be able to run quick competitions and drive higher engagement.

Has your brand been using custom tabs for competitions or promotions on Facebook? How do you think this will help you? Do let us know in the comments

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