image thumb84 Facebook Profiles On Sale By Hacker: $25 $40 Per 1,000 And He Has 1.5 Million Of Them

Here comes a big news and this has everything to do with whatever I have been talking on Startup Meme about Privacy, confusion, checking who signs up and verification. The Computer World reports of a Russian hacker by the name of Kirllos has a mammoth 1.5 million Facebook accounts at his disposal. And guess what, the guy has them out on a loot sale [more on this form my friend Jadoon].

The news came forth when a few researchers were shocked to comes across reports of this hacker selling these credentials in bulk on a forum. The price he charged was between $25 to $40 for every 1,000 accounts. 1.5 million accounts is the number he owns and that translates to around 0.33% of the current users present on the social network. I have my mouth open, how could he get all those accounts? Oh please don’t tell me made all those on his own, he has definitely hacked each one of those very cleverly or even by spamming users with bait links to steal their credentials.

This isn’t anything new and many hackers have been selling accounts for a long time but this is seriously being done at a very very low rate. I mean the price translates to less around 2 cents per credential! Correct me if I am wrong but that might very well have been done to avoid mass transaction of credit online, given he has already sold over 700,000 such accounts. I am just thinking about the bulk of spam profiles that are out there, and those are just with one user. I bet there are many other hackers out there with more of such profile in their armory.

I have warned all our readers and everyone else I come across to never ever click on any link that is even remotely suspicious. Especially if it is in your messages, many have fallen prey to this and will continue to do so. To ensure that this message gets across far and wide share this post across the Web.