image thumb72 Facebook Presence: Let The RFID Take Charge Of Location At f8 [is this a part of Facebook Location?]

Talk about being hi-tech. Facebook has taken identification pretty seriously as the social network has given each of the attendees an RFID fitted badge and if I am not wrong it is all a part of the Facebook Presence thing the Web is ringing with. If you are at the conference you can simply enter the Tag Number on the Presence Page and have it connected to your profile.

The idea has obviously been used at many conferences almost everywhere. But the platform is utilizing the same to help you Tag yourself in the photos, link to Pages and almost any other activity you are busy with. The idea is to remove the need to get to a computer to post updates or share your activity, whenever you tap the tag or swipe it. Sounds interesting, I mean who has the time at these conferences to actually do simply things like tagging on a computer? There are more important things to do and keep an eye on.

If I am not mistaken, I think this is a part of Facebook’s strategy or to put it more correctly lay emphasis on location related features on the platform. Lets follow the conference and I am sure they will have something more important in relation to Facebook Presence.