WOT LOGO Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

The Web Of Trust (WOT), the world’s leading crowd sourced reputation rating service with its global community reporting over 5 million sites reported of being malicious and untrustworthy, has gained a massive popularity over time.  It’s community is comprised of over 20 million people who have rated 30 million plus sites to date. The idea to protect users from such sites is a must need but the job is impossible to be undertaken by a few individuals, especially for the fact the Web continues to grow exponentially. We have social networks like Twitter and Facebook where loads of links are shared, countless applications requesting to access your personal information and the tragedy is they all prove to be havens for scammers and malware. Call it lack of awareness, but this grows for one reason or another.trans Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

The recent evidence to this is the report on over 100,00 apps on Facebook being reported of accidentally leaking user data without them being unaware of the fact. That’s a big number for a global community of Facebook that has over 600M users, trusting the social network. But like I said, safety can be better guaranteed by making each individual in the network responsible for pointing out such malicious applications. And what better than utilizing WOT for the purpose?

Today WOT and Facebook announced collaboration with each other to provide a safer user experience to each of its users. Thus if a particular page or application is being ranked as being dubious or unreliable by the WOT community, users on Facebook will be displayed a warning message informing them of the threat. In a statement, Jake Brill, Manage Site Integrity for Facebook stated:

Facebook cares deeply about preserving user trust and providing users with the best tools to enjoy a safe experience online. We are excited about our partnership with Web of Trust–they share similar goals and approaches in giving users better control of their online experience.

Following is a screenshot demonstrating how this would work:

warningscreen eng 600x214 Facebook Partners With WOT– For A More Secure Social Networking Experience

Vesa Perälä, CEO of WOT Services Ltd. also emphasized on the importance of this partnership mentioning that WOT would provide users on Facebook a more reliable, real time information that ensures people have a save experience on Facebook. Which I think is an absolute need, given the fact most users actually trust the content that makes it to their feed, considering to be safe as it comes from friends. We have seen how such malware gets viral and the great threat it may pose for the privacy of each user. A partnership such as this is bound to benefit the users to a very large extent and make social network, like browsing a much safer experience by minimizing such threats.

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