birdcageopene350e0ff87e44bfbbdc80a13dc37293clarge thumb Facebook Opens up: Ready to accept OpenID for Login/Register

Facebook has taken a step I thought it never would; letting users login with OpenID credentials. Meaning you can now use your Gmail or any other account that is auto login to signup for a Facebook account and the current users can integrate the same with their social network profile. Why do I think it’s  big step? Primarily because Facebook is far ahead of every other social network in terms of users (MySpace is an exception) and given its userbase it didn’t necessarily need to integrate the OpenID, Secondly, Facebook has been air tight when it comes to being a bit more open. This will not only speed up the process for registering as a new user, but will help people find friends far more easily than they did earlier.

While Facebook has always used the traditional email accounts we use for registration and many won’t pass it to be a news. But it is definitely going to have a major impact on the major players on the web and might just push services like, Twitter, MySpace to adopt the same. We are waiting for this to go live an will update our readers when it does.

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