image thumb283 Facebook: New Facebook with a NEW login page

After introducing the new layout for the user profile, Facebook in a bid to change its over all appearance has come out with the redesign for the login page. The redesign has brought the login boxes to the right along, giving it a much neater appearance compared to the scattered that it had previously .

image thumb284 Facebook: New Facebook with a NEW login pagePlus a lot of white space has been taken over with a map that shows the global reach Facebook has. It has done good to remove the section that read; Use Facebook to, for it appeared clumsy to say the least.

The removal of friend finder from the front page may very well get a pretty mixed response. Although the feature appeared quite unnecessary, given that you can’t access the page if you aren’t logged in and if eventually a user has to log in, why  can’t he do so prior making a search query? In my opinion it was pretty unwanted and it has been removed for the good of it.

It will definitely receive a pretty massive belting for traditional Facebook users are still angered at the Profile page redesign. They  will be lost for a total changeover, however the new layout is accessible via the link, meaning it’s in the testing phase or to be more precise making sure the audience gets used to it slowly before its rolled out and replaces the old design completely. Let’s just wait at what response this one gets.