sociogami logo thumb Facebook, Myspace and Twitter   Sociagami Just like Friendfeed is all the rage nowadays, here comes another entrant to this market. Sociagami, inspired from Origami ( even the logo says that ), is a desktop application which allows you to manage Facebook, Myspace and Twitter from it. The application looks good and is well designed. Although it should be expected to have a crowded interface as it serves 3 networks at once, it does get the job done well. Although the same can not be said about their tagline which says "Fold your friends". If you’re to fold your friends, you wouldn’t be needing Sociogami for sure!
Through Sociogami, you can get your latest messages, comments, wall posts, friend requests or browse through friends and photos.

Sociogami plans to add support for more social networks soon. Sociogami also has support for Data Portability although it’s uncertain how that works yet, as the social networks themselves haven’t completely implemented it yet.

Overall it’s a good starting point to aggregate your information from, your desktop, different networks with an interface that works well. But, remember, please do not fold your friends!

sociogami thumb Facebook, Myspace and Twitter   Sociagami