image thumb86 Facebook Mobile Coming Out Next Week? Expect Anything At The Facebook Mobile Event On November 3 [But Please Not Another Smartphone!]

Facebook Mobile might be in the making! If this rumor is by any means true, I guess it is decided that every big firm is following the donkey path out there. Apple made it big with its iOS devices in the form of the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Google extended further from being the Web giant to taking over the mobile scene with its Android Platform, Microsoft too getting their butt kicked to totally revamp their Windows Mobile to Windows Phone 7,. bringing in a much refined product. Oh and I almost forgot the Android Tablet to compete the iPad, RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook and what not.

News is about Facebook having something similar and God save us from the time when Mark Zuckerberg takes the stage at the upcoming Mobile Event at the Facebook HQ on November 3 to announce Facebook mobile. Facebook has definitely been interested in the mobile sector, releasing apps for the iOS devices, Android and even revamping their existing one for the BlackBerry smartphones.

Of course I am not buying it totally that the social network would actually take the initiative to burden itself with a mobile platform to have a deeper penetration in the Mobile arena, but you never know. I mean they have been making acquisitions, launching features like locations, etc recently. Now these can definitely be utilized via Web or existing mobile operating systems but there isn’t really a big point having all these for no bigger motive. We saw how Google had beautifully integrated its social, locations and chat features on the Android Platform to have an immediate penetration with the millions of users. So Facebook trying the same won’t be surprising.

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