image thumb19 Facebook.Me Goes To Facebook – Should We Be Prepared For The F log?

Remember the FB.Me saga that was supposed to be a Tumblr look alike? Well that project might still have some life to it as Facebook grabbed the domain from Amjad Abbas, an individual based in the United Arab Emirates.

Abbas had bought the domain for $5,115 back in 2008, and that isn’t the only one. He is reported to own, and few others of similar nature. According to law, ownership of these domain’s is illegal. The domain was bought by Abbas for apparently the same reason; to sell it off at a higher price given how prominent the domain is and the bidder would have been Facebook itself. The profits would have been phenomenal only if the law wasn’t there to prevent this from happening.. or if Facebook had come into being in 2009.

The sad part is that the World Intellectual Property Forum turned the domain over to Facebook without Abbas getting any remuneration.

Facebook had launched the FriendFeed aka Tumblr aka Twitter like app at hackathon by Rob Goodlatte, a Facebook designer by the name of which is when the social network must have come to know about the domain being sold out. So what are we going to see after this? Will Facebook actually release a mini Facebook blog [or Flog] after having the domain? I am just concerned how exactly is the social network going to play with this, will we see something all glittery to compare with the likes of MySpace?

Whatever the case be, I think the social networking arena is too largely occupied with Facebook alone to have another Facebook jump in. Seriously, they should simply use the domain to redirect lost folks back to