CropperCapture26 thumb Facebook Makes It Easier To Swallow The Apps with Games And Apps Dashboard

Facebook is all set to release the Dashboards for its games and apps. The new dashboard would ease the task of users for interacting with their applications right from their homepage and benefit the developers to ensure that any updates you sent are relevant and interesting ensuring maximum engagement. I personally think this is an intermediate step before notifications for all apps make way to users via their emails given that present the dashboard will only show a maximum of two apps as plain text fields. Those might sound like a subtle changes but a few major alterations will be discussed briefly here.

Recommended Apps

Facebook will suggest users the most liked applications so that users don’t end up using useless apps and more importantly that aren’t much trusted. I was however a bit surprised as to why it showed sponsored apps? Perhaps that is just been put their to test its new Ads system across the platform. Other than that it also features the recent apps ensuring that it is easier for users to engage and re-engage with apps.

Developers can also communicate with app users utilizing the news items. This would help developers communicate via the new dashboard. These won’t be like the page long notifications but simple text next to the concerned app.

Recently Used Apps And Directory:

The idea is to make app discovery easy. The dashboard would show what app their friends have recently engaged with as well as how many friends have used a certain app. The API also features a directory of applications that you might like, plus a link to Facebook’s Application Directory.

Some Tweaks After Homepage Redesign

Facebook would be introducing a few changes once the homepage has been redesigned for users. This would include placement for apps on the homepage and make them more prominent. The interesting feature is perhaps the Counters; which would enable the developers to inform those using the application about the actions or updates that are been made to the within the app. More like much cleaner form of notifications.

My Take

The application directory overall gives a much neater look and I personally liked talking about apps on Facebook for the first time. With the directory its easy to know what friends  of yours use apps on the social network as well as the apps each one of them is using. Gladly enough Facebook has taken care of letting users know what the trusted circle of their friends engage with and keep the bulk directory towards the end of the page dividing them in neat categories.

Gamesdashboardannotated thumb Facebook Makes It Easier To Swallow The Apps with Games And Apps Dashboard