image thumb92 Facebook Like Put To Better Use With

There has been quite a buzz with Facebook when it comes to updates both prior and after the f8 conference. The primary one has been the Social Plugins and the Like button, which despite some confusions is being a hit across the Web. Today I came across, a pretty impressive tool that helps me see what people I know like on the Web.

The tool is real time and is divided into categories from News, Videos, Blogs to games on the web. Each of those categories has all user activity placed in a box and is from the people who you are connected to in one way or the other. Its more like a summary of all Facebook related activity on the Web. Nothing really to do with ground breaking coding but a very intelligent and impressive way to bring all like activity in a nutshell.

image thumb93 Facebook Like Put To Better Use With

Can You Add Custom Sites?

Yes and that is very easy. Simply scroll down on the page and you will find a box where you can simply enter the URL of the site or blog, like we have for Startup Meme. I would however have loved if I could add a filed or Category to my custom site, for example Startup Meme is a blog on Social Media and Technology and simply having custom there as a category doesn’t look all that nice.

The Privacy Scare

While everyone would say that privacy is not an issue, alright. But have a look, the site without You even being there knows all your friends and their recent activity across the Web. And it’s just one glimpse of it, think of the many sites who might be using the same. The worst part, you can’t opt out.