image thumb22 Facebook: Let me kill Orkut once and for all!The problem with successful brands is that the are always looking for things to improve and beat any competition. We have seen how Facebook has grown exponentially but the social network faces some difficulties in countries outside the US. One of them is Orkut, though the Google owned social network is quite unknown in the US, but that isn’t stopping Facebook from devouring it absolutely. The social network has introduced the Import tool which lets you import your Orkut contacts to your Facebook. Not sure why exactly is Facebook is on the killing spree to eliminate Orkut, which never really stood anywhere in the social scene in the US market. And guess what, this would soon follow the globe and users do love Facebook a lot and with this coming, they would gladly have all their contacts synced at one place. So when exactly is Orkut going to be a nobody in the next few years?

Perhaps we can’t comment on that, which brings me to another question that I always feel like asking everyone. Do service such as Orkut, Hi5, ever disappear completely? What actually determines the running of these social networks?