Facebook all around and everyone quite desperate in one way or the other to have more ways to keep them glued it was only a matter of time before it got South Park’s attention. The show that has its very own Facebook Fan Page wants its viewers to get off Facebook and watch the show. The episode is meant to be about Facebook itself and does quite a good job making a mockery of the current trend.

The story is fairly simple where Kyle and Cartman start a fan page for Stan, who is not really into it given that he has been befriended by his relatives and grandparents. Stan is sick of it and decides to quit it but he is too caught in the web and the social network just wont let him escape. The only way out however is that he stages a battle with his own profile to win his freedom. Isn’t it obvious? I mean you get to see all these reports how people are caught in the vicious circle of the social network? The latest was the report of a 12 year old kid who ended up being indebted to Farmville and used his mom’s credit card for payments. These are just a few issues and South Park is doing exactly the same.

Though it by no way means to label the social network to be a mess it just uses the popular topic to make a point. Which I think is pretty valid. You can join South Park on Facebook here.

[Original news WSJ]