faceboo studivz thumb Facebook is jealous of StudiVZs success! StudiVZ is red (pink?)!

Facebook busted German social network StudiVZ for creating an exact replica of Facebook save for the difference in the theme’s color. StudiVZ in its response added that it has received any complaints in relation to the lawsuit. The lawsuit mentioned that StudiVZ is accused of running Facebook’s knockoff.

Michael Arrington reported that StudiVZ voiced no comment as they are yet to see the lawsuit’s terms but filed a declaration in the District Court in Stuttgart, Germany stating that:

The responsible German court declare that the claims made by Facebook are without merit..

logo1 Facebook is jealous of StudiVZs success! StudiVZ is red (pink?)! That wasn’t it, the CEO of StudiVZ, Marcus Riecke called Facebook arrogant and declared that the motive behind Facebook’s current accusations being a move to initiate a propaganda that enables it to gain superiority in the Social Networking scene globally. He added:

Now that Facebook, despite trying hard, has not been successful in the German market, the company seeks to obstruct StudiVZ through court action. Their strategy appears to be: If you can’t beat them, sue them. There are numerous social networks. Facebook was not the first and certainly isn’t the only one. By attempting to harm studiVZ through a meritless California lawsuit, Facebook is arrogantly laying claim to an international monopoly over social networking sites that the facts show it does not deserve.

However one thing that makes these comments void is that StudiVZ maintains such great resemblance to what Facebook. To make their opinion count and to cut off the lawsuit’s bills draining their revenue off StudiVZ has to set itself up at creating a different interface. It’s the number one social networking site in Germany; they can definitely save themselves from playing courts with Facebook.

image thumb150 Facebook is jealous of StudiVZs success! StudiVZ is red (pink?)!

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