kiva thumb Facebook getting involved with ‘Involver’, the new marketing tool by Kiva

Kiva, with the help of a new marketing tool from a company known as Involver, has launched a campaign on Facebook in order to attract users to their cause. The campaign will get users from the social network to Kiva’s site in order to give loans directly to the developing nations. If you watch the video, it encourages you to lend some money by featuring a button that appears at the end of the video.

kivalogo thumb Facebook getting involved with ‘Involver’, the new marketing tool by Kiva Kiva is thought to be the pioneer in person-to-person loan website. The service connects people directly to each other who are involved in the loaning process i.e. lender and entrepreneur. The amount of the loan is very much limited or small and thus it is called micro-payment. The site which was founded in 2005, now connects lenders from more than 70 countries. It is working with 89 microfinance partners and contains business owners from 43 developing countries.

The marketing platform of Involver lets Kiva to build, launch, promote, manage and track video campaigns that helps them switch the video viewers into their clients. Plugins like quizzers, surveys, email along with sharing and viral distribution tools are offered in the videos built with Involver.

Kiva is not the first site using Involver, the other commercial partner of the later is Serena Software which provides enterprise software solutions. Facebook is being used as a business-to-business platform by the site.

Here is the video regarding Kiva: