image thumb56 Facebook Gets Banned In Pakistan Till May 31 Over Cartoon Controversy: Mark Zuckerberg Should Respect Facebook’s Terms Of Use

In the recent turn of events the courts in Pakistan have unanimously agreed to ban Facebook temporarily. The reason is that the social network failed to respond to user requests to remove the page that promoted the disrespectful caricatures of the Prophet [PBUH]. In my humble opinion, it is not one of the cleverest moves.

Why do I think that? Many reasons the major being that they should have tried to forced Facebook to remove the page. That was important because the page violated the social network’s Terms and Conditions which state that the social network doesn’t support any page, group or individuals who promote hatred against individuals, race or religion. While I discourage this ban, I equally discourage Facebook’s slack attitude towards this issue, it must respect everyone alike.

The Lahore High Court’s justice Ejaz Chaudhary ordered the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block access to Facebook till May 31. This is quite a serious step and I hope the social network takes heed over this, something which I don’t see happening, because the page will still exist and the event planned would get attention, which is undue. Lets see how long this ban proceeds.

People’s Reaction

There are mixed reactions to this ban many of my friends in Pakistan consider it to be an utterly useless action, one that will bear no result. Other’s think its the least they could have done after failing to get Facebook to ban or remove the page. Again this shows how important Facebook really is for them, perhaps a dimension to their life and those who are discouraging this move already feel amputated from the world. The same group is often found taking this ban to the next level with their so called liberal approach.

My Take

I think Mark Zuckerburg should take notice and give his social network’s Terms of Use a good read. Once done, he must then remove this page or simply let all hate groups flourish, I mean you have to be just and not be biased. Again religion is not the major reason, simply put the issue is with how Facebook has ignored its own rules and making people hate it more.

As for those who are crying over this block in Pakistan, Google for a Proxy and you will have many ways to access the social network. Oh, you already have Twitter to cry about this.

More On This

The group already has a Registered site by the same name and I am just losing it. I mean they could have simply blocked all links going over to these sites. I bet they had smart people at PTA who could have easily done that.