facebookpreviouslynow thumb Facebook force users to ‘Comment’

In the past few days, Facebook has changed its design for comment functionality on the mini-feed items. In the past, there used to be a small speech bubble along with a ‘+’ sign. On clicking the sign, comments box used to become visible. But things have changed now as the sign has been altered with the word ‘Comment’, which clearly appears on all the feed items.

facebooklogo thumb Facebook force users to ‘Comment’ The reason for this, according to VentureBeat, is that the functionality is being used by a very few people so far. A very limited number of comments have been seen since the functionality became live some three weeks ago. Most of the comments were seen on the pictures, that option was already available by the service previously.

Though there were few people using the feature, the previous ‘+’ sign looked better than the current ‘Comment’. It also gave a modified look but anyway the new layout will help people know about the option in a better way. This is another feature which seems similar to FriendFeed, it is rather a copied feature.

The option is also built on Facebook’s new iPhone application but the interesting thing is that it still carries the same old ‘+’ sign speech bubble. Comments though look better on iPhone as they look similar to chat bubbles in Apple’s Text application. The application as a whole looks like Twitter itself.

With so much stuff Facebook is copying, its not original anymore but the good thing is that whatever feature they implement, they implement it very well. Lets see if this change will bring users to try this application.