image thumb47 Facebook Does Have a Master Password For All Accounts…. Facts Or Just Loads Of Crap?

Wow, there is so much to talk about when it comes to Facebook that people will actually come up with a fabricated tale a.k.a Interview to gain some attention. Apparently The Rumpus has got hold of the inside news or should I say obscure facts courtesy an anonymous Facebook employee. The information revealed isn’t surprising in any manner but what remains to be seen is if it is true or false.

To begin with Facebook has denied authenticity of the information spilled by the shadow employee. Larry Yu of Facebook has turned it down stating:

This piece contains the kind of inaccuracies and misrepresentations you would expect from something sourced ‘anonymously,’ and we’ll leave it at that.” It’s an easy way for Facebook to try to blow this off but whether or not the information was true, nothing controversial is really revealed.

I will wriggle through the few pointers talked about in the interview.

  • Facebook has more than 350 Million users and the number could very well be above 400 Million. No surprise, given that Facebook actually counts those users who have been active in the past one month before it rolls out the count on active users. There must be many more who haven’t accessed their accounts for ages.
  • Your every move is recorded: We all know this, all the information we share, the pics we upload to status updates are saved. Obviously they aren’t just saved to remind you what you liked or talked about yesterday. This helps Facebook determine what exactly is the thing on the social networks that you like, so it gives the right content a higher priority.
  • A Master Password to access any profile: Once again it in no way ridicules me. Facebook like many other social networks and sites has come of age and Engineers need some privileged access to build the right platform. Hence Facebook users were provided with a unique ID to login to any account. You were restricted as you could only access it via company’s ISP and you needed a really solid reason to justify such an act, failing to provide one would mean you are fired. Again, accessing a user profile is not required, given that the information you have there is already in the database and employees can search through if they have the privilege.

Those are the two major issues highlighted and as said earlier, Facebook has denied association of the facts in any manner to what the actual facts are. Now this would be just one move to prevent it catching any air by not retaliating to this. Secondly the original person who posted the interview doesn’t really appear to be a regular contributor to The Rumpus which adds more suspicion to its authenticity.

Anyways the interview is really long and worth reading. You can visit The Rumpus to learn more.

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