image thumb77 Facebook Credits A Step Further: Pay For Facebook Ads With PayPal – Advertisers Get More Localization

It appears that Facebook is strengthening its bond with PayPal  as the two extended support for the Facebook Credits to include all advertisers on the social network. With this support available any advertiser can utilize PayPal to make payments for ads on the social network. This would help Facebook move a step ahead on its plans to monetize its platform, more effectively.

Oh, and there are more localization options available for advertisers. They will now be able to schedule their ads as per local times to target a more specific category instead of having them appear randomly.

I personally think that this move is far more secure compared to advertisers using their credit cards to buy ads on Facebook. It might have been easier at places but proved hectic, especially for those outside the US. I am always up for localization instead of centralization, primarily for the fact that it makes everything more accessible and more closely associated to the local market or demands. I as a consumer would love to see what I might be interested in buying or simply clicking on, similarly an advertiser would rather pay a better price if the ad he has can be customized in a manner to appear to the right audience at the right time and with convenience. The move is in the right direction for sure.

via AllFacebook