facebook f8 thumb Facebook Connect Launched; plans to launch for iPhone (soon) There has been a lot of buzz up late for the f8 conference of Facebook with a lot of announcement waiting to flow from the pipes. But there has been a confirmation about the introduction of Facebook Connect as has been reported by Eric Eldon.

The service enables users to access feed from various other sites. This can be done as other sites drop in a button, html and then connecting it to Facebook, this allows you to have greater portability, making the user profile easily accessible while keeping the privacy intact. It’s good to see Facebook taking initiative of the sort and doing something about data portability.

Connect would definitely turn out to be a success with users as they demand the moving of data from one primary social network to various others. The plan is to partner with a number of sites with current members including; Digg, SixApart and Citysearch. Digg founder, Kevin Rose commented, saying:

Facebook Connect will help us promote more conversations on Digg by giving Facebook’s 90 million users an opportunity to sign-in to Digg with their Facebook accounts and become part of the active Digg community. This allows both Facebook and Digg users to more easily share the content they care about with the people they care about.

image thumb166 Facebook Connect Launched; plans to launch for iPhone (soon)

Definitely a big boost to Facebook’s user base that already numbers to around 90 million. The new feature would let users make most of the Facebook experience as many of them have been highlighted in the press release. A few of them are:

  • Real Identity: Put up with true identities across the Web in a trusted environment
  • Friend Linking: Link with friends anywhere and everywhere
  • Dynamic Privacy: Enabling users to keep the same privacy setting as they have on Facebook
  • Social Distribution: Share what you do on partner sites with friends on Facebook via feeds.

That’s not all there have already been a hint at launching Facebook Connect for iPhone by fall.  The application will be built on the Cocoa framework and would enable developers to utilize Facebook’s data directly from their iPhone and iPod touch apps.