image thumb32 Facebook Connect: 60 Million Users a Month, That Is How Much It’s Used

The Le Web is in full sway and we have heard quite a lot of news coming in from it. Facebook’s director development network had some news to share regarding the social network, primarily the Facebook Connect. The feature had provided a way for Facebook users to use their social network’s identity to link their accounts elsewhere on the Web. The whole idea to make connecting user profiles anywhere has been pretty successful given it eliminates the need to have multiple and IDs scattered all across the Web.

The stats on it speak volumes, there are over 80,000 websites that are full utilizing the Facebook Connect and it even include services across devices which include the Xbox and the iPhone. Now that has been quite quick, given that it was initiated almost exactly one year back; it has more than 60 million of its 350 Million users using it actively each month. Now, those numbers aren’t just for smaller websites who are trying to gain in on Facebook’s name but include some of the most prominent names on the Web (some of which actually share a lot more traffic than Facebook),which is pretty obvious, given how Facebook has excelled over time and it continues to increase at an astonishing rate ever more. Plus it brings massive amounts of traffic to each site, I mean you make it easier for people to access your site and no sooner that happens the chain reaction begins with referrals.

That is just one part of the story, the social network has so much to offer from just connecting with friends to making some but it keeps the audience engaged, one way or the other. It has become the most actively used services, from users uploading pictures to sharing videos and of course playing games [Fishville, Farmville] along with more than 500,000 apps already out there to literally force people to use it. There is always something for everyone. And it isn’t stopping. Why? Well unlike MySpace, Facebook isn’t confined to US, according to Beard more than 2/3rd of its traffic comes from countries other than the US and that strictly means that there is no saturation point anywhere close for a long time to come.