image thumb40 Facebook Concerned About Privacy, Allegations, Security – Hires Tim Muris For Stricter Privacy Checks

Privacy and Facebook appear to be going off in two different directions. The social network itself is fooling around with it by being more open to the Third parties and exposing user and more importantly their friends’ activity to these sites as well. While these are things that Facebook is bombing users with there are gnawing issues with phishing scams and hacks.

We have been reporting about user accounts being phished every now and then and the most recent one was the exploit within Facebook that revealed users’ chat history, their pending friends’ requests, inbox messages and notifications. That was quite a big blunder and though the issue was resolved almost instantly, we all are well aware how much could that actually cost people. This by no mean means that Facebook is overlooking these matters, there must be a reason why these exploits exist and how they are being taken advantage of. One such move is bolstering its engineering and more importantly its security team.

As reported last week, we talked about Facebook heading on for a new office, that wasn’t it, the social network is further strengthening its security team with the inclusion of Tim Muris, the former Chairman of the US Federal Trade Commission. The move follows after the social network was bolted over security by government organizations and the FTC itself is taking privacy issues with Facebook quite seriously. That concern has been on rise ever since the f8 and Facebook’s plans for a more social web.