image thumb31 Facebook TimeLine And How To Get It (Video Tutorial)

The F8 conference was fun, especially reading all the comments that people had and the continuous giggling of Mark Zuckerberg. Though I totally understand why he giggled throughout the conference repeating every word and feature at least half a dozen times, but he has given us (at least myself) a timeline that I sort of enjoy. Maybe momentarily, but something I look forward to enjoying the most.

I just updated my profile to the new format, though as of now this is visible to me alone and will go public on Friday, 30th September. To put it in once word, the new Facebook design helps searching through my history a lot easier than before. I will be sharing the procedures later today, but as of now I will leave our readers with a few screenshots to demonstrate how the new profile looks.

I expect a few bugs here and there but then this is in the developer mode, which makes these bugs natural. For example the timeline doesn’t go before January 2011,  skips a few months in 2010. But that we suppose is owing to the fact that we are still getting a taste of the features and understanding how it works exactly. For those really eager to have this go to this link, create an app and you will have an invite to test the new Facebook Design. Following are a few images of the new Facebook design:

image thumb32 Facebook TimeLine And How To Get It (Video Tutorial)

image thumb33 Facebook TimeLine And How To Get It (Video Tutorial)

Here’s a short video tutorial shared by our good friend @blogsdna