image thumb16 Facebook Bolsters Its Search, Could This Be Hard For Google To Digest?

Google isn’t the only one trying to put a challenge to Facebook by bringing in its own social network, Google.Me. Facebook has taken up the challenge and while it isn’t launching it’s standalone search engine, the social network today gave a huge boost to its search. Gulp, that would be a tough one to swallow for the search engine.

The social network began showing most liked stories as preference in search. The feature works quite simply, enter a news item in the search box on Facebook and it would recommend you links to offsite news that have been shared most often by your friends and others. I am unsure how this exactly works but based on what I observed it simply works on the amount of shares a particular link has. So a higher number of likes or shares particular page has the higher priority is given to it in recommendation.

I recall Facebook requesting its users to like pages of news sites a couple of months back and it all makes sense now. The idea was obviously to compete or at least bring a service similar to Google’s Social search which recommends results that have the highest number of shares from friends. This coming to Facebook signals a newer direction, think of it, 500 million users and growing, each of those having that enticing Like button both onsite and on others across the Web. Meaning there is going to be a huge boost to Facebook Search.

Whatever it be, Google would remain my only priority for search because nothing does it better than them. Facebook will do good as my social network and marketing tool, I have personally found the social network’s search to be absolutely garbage.

What’s your take on this? Will Facebook Search replace Google search in the long run? Share your valuable opinion in the comments.

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