CropperCapture68 thumb Facebook Bizarre: Hong Kong Leader Fires Housekeeper

Well not joking about anything here but if people can murder others for posting photos with a new boy friend, others can definitely get fired for posting photos fooling around someone’s private chambers. Today the leader of Hong Kong had his housekeeper fired because he posted photos of his friends playing around the premier’s private chambers. The photos included teens who were at his residence along with others for a barbecue.

The place had its value as the area is strictly prohibited for anyone other than the leader and the people in office. The leader, Donald Tsang immediately fired the housekeeper along with initiating an investigation into how they were able to make it to the restricted area. This is quite a serious issue given that our friends in China are so strict with letting any information roll out and quite lenient on the housekeeper for only firing him.

The kids didn’t explore too much  and nothing very confidential was revealed in the pictures. But be it any reason, you are bound to suffer and be penalized if you aren’t careful with being vigilant over who has access to restricted areas or not. At least the trial was fair, else they could have even charged him spying or something and taken care of in some other serious manner.