image thumb57 Facebook Ban In Pakistan Takes Its Toll On Twitter: Fail Whale Once Again

Twitter over capacity. Why am I not surprised reading this? I mean it was evident given that the authorities in Pakistan had banned access to the social network owing to the group that promotes drawing cartoons of the Prophet [PBUH]. Its obvious that people, who find it impossible to resist the departure from Facebook have almost immediately switched to Twitter to gossip more about it.

Alright it might be a bit of exaggeration here and Twitter might be facing general problems, the Fail Whale which was a regular feature in the past. What makes me think that the current ban is a reason for this, is the Fail Whale has appeared after quite a while and had been missing this for ages now. I am not sure what number of users on Facebook from Pakistan but if this ban is a reason for Twitter downtime, I am guessing the number must be pretty high, otherwise Twitter must now be quite capable of handling a bit of surge in the users.

Lets just wait and see if this issue is independent of the events that have taken place during the day or not. In the mean time, if anyone can let me know the number of users on Facebook from Pakistan, I would really appreciate it.