12 Facebook App For iPhone Comes With A Major Update

There has been an update to the Facebook app for the iPhone, officially. The Facebook 3.5 brings with it a new design for the Profile Page and the Group Walls and the changes are in sync with those that have been made on the main site for the social network. While that’s just for the design bit, there are some additional and more useful features that come with it.

Summing them up concisely, the Facebook app for the iPhone lets you tag places and friends within posts you make, share links. The Facebook app also adds the ease to add friends from within a list and search results, add new videos or photos. However a more useful feature is the inclusion of the instant sharing option that lets you open any link within the app and share with your connections. All this happens right within the iPhone app for Facebook.

3 Facebook App For iPhone Comes With A Major Update

Overall the Facebook app brings

  • Improved Notifications speed
  • Fixed a number of Chat bugs
  • Made it easier to select filters in News Feed
  • Fixed a bug with the Notifications bar disappearing
  • Fixed a number of Photos bugs
  • Improved performance and stability overall

Chances are that we might soon be seeing the iPad app from Facebook, which was temporarily accessible for sometime. Lets hope the app is what the iPhone users fall in love with..

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