image thumb81 Face2Face: Bringing Proximity Based Social Networking To The Web [From Pakistan]

Finally! something really worth mentioning in Pakistan for the Web 2.0. I have been complaining a lot about how the events need to be planned and what exactly they should be focused more on. Late, very late but a very important move to bring out a startup from Pakistan by our countrymen.

Welcome Face2Face, the application bringing proximity base social networking. I have had a conversation about this with Umer Umair Aziz late last year and I was impressed by the idea, today the global launch with an event worth mentioning. What’s best about it? It a cross platform social network, removing the need for you to register yourself on a new social site and runs on almost all existing smartphones. From the iPhone, Android to Nokia’s standard Symbian and the J2ME, which pretty much means all devices out there.

Then there is the product itself. What it does is simply base your connectivity with friends by letting you be aware of your friends’ location if they are anywhere close to the proximity [which is roughly around 50 to 100 meters]. I am still exploring the application further but take my word, the application is promising privacy as per your needs. You can customize the app to let you decide who can know about your availability in the proximity.

I know this is quite puzzling sort of an application overview but you can guess how things are when speed is the issue at an event. You can download the application here: Face2Face.