image thumb153 Extended Preview Duration On iTunes Music A Definite Announcement At Apple Music Event

Good news for all those Apple fans out there, especially for ones who have been complaining about the short duration of previews of music at the iTunes. Apple has extended that from a mere 30 seconds to a minute to give your ears enough music to make a judgment.

If all turns out true, this would be announced at the Apple Music Event tomorrow, which might also showcase the announcement of the 4th Generation of the iPod Touch. While the news of any announcement associated to the iPod Touch remains a fifty fifty chance, Apple definitely has nothing in connection to the Cloud Based iTunes system. This would gladly remain a rumor for now at least.

I personally think that the idea to extend the preview duration of tracks at the iTunes Music is a clever move. One that would music lovers ample time to make the right decision before purchasing a track. Further details on other announcements to be made at the Event will be awaited till the event goes live and we have more authentic stuff to talk about rather keeping our readers speculating.

What do you expect from Apple tomorrow? Share those expectations with us in the comments.

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via iPhoneHacks, CNET