image thumb83 Explorer Eric Larson Is The First Man To Tweet From The North Pole: Stop Global Warming

I know many of you are going to come back at me and mock me writing about Twitter, Google, Microsoft, etc. I take that positively and honestly there are things that you can’t turn a blind eye to. Especially news that matters and should be shared.

Eric Larson, the arctic explorer became the first person in the history of the world to send a Tweet from North Pole. The exploration was a part of his one year project called Save the Poles, the purpose of which is to raise awareness about Global Warming. The man is in high spirit after trekking through the isolated and icy region and tweeting from the Pole:

Day 51. Standing on top of the world. Getting to the North Pole is the same as stopping Global Warming. Begin with one step.

There has been a tweet from the region earlier from a 15 year who accessed FourSquare from the region. But that was done while he was still in the helicopter since the weather was severe on ground [read this entry at TNW].

I am just a bit surprised as to why he didn’t link his Twitter to Facebook or simply made updates simultaneously? But lets just keep that aside and praise the man for taking such an initiative to raise awareness. His next destination will be Mount Everest.

You can follow Larson on his blog; Save the Poles and also Like his Fan Page.

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