image thumb71 Enough Of Wholesale Data Centers! Facebook Will Its Own Data Centers

There is nothing better than having your own storage facility for the bulk of data you have. Facebook for one has that and not to forget a very valuable bulk of it. The company is making the  right move as it plans to have their very own data centers instead of leasing them from third parties. Talk about growing independent, rapidly, isn’t Facebook pushing past firms that helped it get to this other than the users?

While that might sound very true and worrying at the same time for some [Microsoft ads booted from Facebook outside US]. But the news in my opinion is all good given all that storage will now be the headache of Facebook solely and we will know exactly who to look at if something leaks out. The social network continues to get closer to the 400 million user mark and with cash flowing in from the investors globally, a company owned data center sounds pretty reasonable. We aren’t sure about the identity of this new company that will boast of being the first Facebook owned Data Center, the servers there are bound to have a newer and possibly a better method of distributing and consuming power.

I am quite intrigued by the idea of a better power distribution system for the servers, they will definitely be more efficient that the ones that have been used previously. This is another advantage as it would help Facebook save a lot more on spending large sums on electricity bills and maintenance. I personally think the data center is going to break away from the traditional modes, primarily adopting the energy model of Google that relies on on board batteries on servers which ensure uninterrupted power supply to servers and has a far superior efficiency compared to power and even UPS. To make it sound more statistical, the losses during power distribution from 35% to 15%.

At the Data center Rich Miller has confirmed that the new tenant for the servers is in no way associated to Google or Yahoo. Talk about a disclaimer to make it sound all so exclusive. Lets see how things work out with Facebook and how much it is actually able to save with its very own data centers.