joongelpage2 thumb Enjoy Search Results from Multiple Search Engines with Joongel  ‘A Marvel Search Plug in’ Do you like to aggregate search results from multiple search engines by running a single query but never go for it as it is really time consuming and a hectic process to open a new window each and every time and to write a search query. Than Joongel is surely going to help you. Joongel comprises of a set of search plug-ins that allows its users to have a search results of a same search query from different search engines.

Joongel is currently working on 10 cool search plug-ins that includes images, shopping, reference, health, videos. social, torrents, gossip, cooking and Q&A. While it pulls out search results from some popular search engines like Google, Wikipedia, Flickr, YouTube, Technorati, Yahoo Answers ,CNN and the list go on.

Thus, its an enriched multi-engine search platform that is not a meta search engine and does not force you to install any kind of toolbar. In fact, it is the most interesting and Unique service that saves your time and allows a pertinent search by easily switching over to different services.

We think that the service will soon gain a lot of popularity. Just install a single plug-in and enjoy its multi-oriented search engine results. You can also glimpse its working without installing its plug-in by clicking here (for General Search), here (for Images) and here (for Dictionary)

The newly incubated Joongel seems promising and will definitely gain scalable user attraction as its worthy to use. I for one, am going to use this efficient search engine right now, as this deftly tool is fabulous and on the top will not even occupy a single slice of my browser.