Playing videos on your Mac just like you can on the Apple TV is not much of a problem given the numerous tools already available. AirFlick is another app that lets you stream any video on your Apple TV 2G which is running on the Mac OS X.

image thumb78 Enable AirPlay Video Streaming On Apple TV From Mac With AirFlick

According to Erica Sadun, the person behind AirFlick, the tool enables you to stream unsupported file types to your Apple TV. This includes all those vides on the Internet that can be streamed by entering the URL of the file and playing them. What AirFlick does is transform your Mac into a Web browser, which is how one can steam different formats on the Apple TV.

If playing your movies or Internet videos on the larger screen was a difficult, you can download AirFlick for Mac to enjoy those on one using the Apple TV. Watch the video of AirFlick in action:

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