image thumb121 TC 50: EmergInvest wants to be a financial news hub about the Emerging Markets EmergInvest, a startup that has launched at the TC 50, wants to be a financial news hug about news and information related to the emerging markets. In short they want to be the “Yahoo finance for rest of the world”. EmergeInvest is focusing on Asia, Africa and Australia at a time when Google Finance and Yahoo Finance are battling it out in the U.S. alone.

EmergInvest presents users with a heatmap of the world up front once they signup. The map shows well performing markets in green with the under-performing ones taking the red danger color.

EmergInvest wants to be a one stop platform for all your overseas investment needs. The site endeavors to provide you with news, overviews of markets, micro and macro analysis and data of high performing sectors to aid in your investments. In addition to this it also shows stock market indices, plenty of which still needs to be added specially in the commodities sector. So for the time being you would have to limit your investments to stocks, though they may later add commodities such as oil and gold to their list as well.

Once you have a reasonable information on a certain company in China that you may want to invest in, the service guides you to some brokerage houses that would do the buying/selling for you.  They might one day even try to make money by taking commissions from brokerage firms off the leads that they supply.

If that’s not all the service also lets you manage and maintain your portfolio online. The service also has widgets that could be embedded into blogs or other sites, so you don’t have to visit their site again and again to monitor your portfolio of sites.

EmergInvest is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has raised $150,000 in angel financing.

You can watch their TC 50 launch video below: