image thumb6 Embrace The New Apple iPod Touch With Retina Display, Dual Camera, Facetime

So it wasn’t rumor after all. I have sort of grown considering a couple of these rumors to be true right before a major Apple event. Today at the Music Event, Steve Jobs took the stage and confirmed that the next generation of the iPod Touch will be your iPhone 4 without a contract.

How? Well you have got your Retina Display, dual camera with the primary camera being a 5 MP one and has the same 960 by 640, 3.5 inch display. The device runs on the A4 processor and is available with a maximum storage capacity of 64GB. From all that has been talked about and explained for the new iPod touch the confirmation will only come when the devices are out on sale in the stores and we have more detailed news on hardware. For now, it looks impressive by all means.

Following are the numerous storage capacities and the price for the new iPod Touch:

  • 8GB:$229
  • 32GB:$299
  • 64GB:$399

Overall the device looks impressive and Steve Jobs has already claimed that the devices from Apple are already a gamers choice and that they are outselling games sold by Nintendo and the Sony combined. Be ready to embrace to these new iPod Touch with the iOS 4.1 along with the new Game Center and numerous other updates. I bet the Apple Store is going to be loaded with offers and an even larger number of pre-order requests.