image thumb389 eBay and Amazon: Neck and Neck as Holidays approach

With holidays just around the corner it appears that Amazon’s and eBay’s growth serpents come closer to each other. The travel services have already taken a hit and the online shopping giants are busy finding alternates to strengthen their positions.  Amazon may find itself in a bit better position since its monthly unique visitors in the U.S. rose up by 6% to 60.1 million while those of eBay plunged down by 11% to 70.7 million. eBay’s recent endeavors haven’t really turned out to be great success stories , but there may be some hoe after the launch of its API that enables merchants to list many fixed price items at the site in one go. Let’s see where this snake fight ends up and which one of the two moves past the other. I guess the emerging leader will be the one who has hold over the information of transactions made and better facilitates the consumers.