capture thumb1 Drag and Drop to has introduced a Firefox extension which allows you to drag and drop files from your desktop to the browser for quick uploads. This works like the Windows Live SkyDrive drag and drop ActiveX control which allows for similar functionality. The best thing is that the plugin is cross platform and works on Linux and Macs as well.

It works by creating a new Drop automatically or linking to the Drop you specify. This is a great time saver for all users and really helps speed things up. But for those of you still wanting to use the old uploader, it’s still there.

There is a very helpful description on the website:

Using the Plugin:
1. Select any files on your desktop and simply "drag and drop" them on any existing ‘drop’ to upload them on the fly
2. If you don’t have a drop set up, you can drag and drop the files onto the red dot to create a new drop in a single motion
3. Drag and drop images and other files from one webpage to another
4. Bookmark drops, create new empty drops, etc all with single clicks…

If you use, you really should use this extension. Here’s the link to the Screencast to help you get started with the plugin and how to use it.