image357 DoppelMe: Let’s you create a Graphical You for freeCreating avatars for the web world has become quite a common thing, with people getting a chance to put out a comical touch to their online presence. No matter how many of such services you offer they are always less and users are looking forward for one more to try out. DoppelMe is another place for giving your identity an avatar.

The process isn’t rocket science and those of us who used other alternate services would have no problem at all creating their own avatar. There is no need to register if you are there for a quick make and don’t feel like visiting the site again. Registering lets users enjoy added advantage like having more options to choose appearance, accessories, etc from.

image thumb272 DoppelMe: Let’s you create a Graphical You for freeDoppelMe has its applications for various social networks, meaning that your avatar can be used with your Facebook, MySpace accounts. And these aren’t the only places where your avatar can appear; use it in forums, messengers or anywhere across the web. DoppleMe offers ‘I need avatar’ crazy fans a free and easy to use platform to make a graphical you, using your browser alone.

Should this have more to say? I don’t think so for one cant expect hi fi effects to decorate the site when its purpose is very appropriately filled. Though it could have done better with more variety (hairstyles, outfits etc). To cut it short, it’s fun to spend some time at such sites.

Oh I hope my avatar shows the creative side of me to our valued readers. Doesn’t it? icon sad DoppelMe: Let’s you create a Graphical You for free