dohoplogo thumb Dohop  Collection of Fair and Feasible Flight Fares Being a social animal, everybody love to travel and explore different destinations. Summers are going on and most of the people would be looking forward to make this vacations enjoyable and memorable by making a fun loving trip to any other city or country. Vacationers can fully enjoy their trip if they would be satisfied and feel convenient with the flying rates and packages. Immense rise in ticket fares are unaffordable by everyone and therefore Dohop comes with an easy flight planner that works as a flight search engine and helps its users to choose a feasible and compatible air flight.

Dohop facilitates real time searching for air flights, hotels and travel guides. Users can search for airfares by keying in arrival and departure places and dates. It displays  results from a collection of 660 airlines that can  be sorted by rank, price or duration. The site also allows pertinent searching with the help of time, stops, airports, airlines and  aircrafts

Fare calendar is there, that helps in finding an alternate date for your trip. The calendar depicts other users priority of best affordable fares and the minimum number of flights needed for the trip. This will provide an info about taste of different people and will surely depict idea about the flight’s popularity.

Apart from flight searches, the site also supports hotel searching with respect to city’s name. Travel Guides for about 218 countries are present that  gives an integrated information about your desired country its cities, currency and airlines.

Overall, Dohop can be regarded as a good flight planner. It is present in variety of languages that makes it more user friendly and customer oriented. The site has been  featured in TimesOnline 100 best travel sites which depicts that it is really providing an wholesome amount of info about different flights. However, the site does not contain any sort of user feeds that makes it harder to predict or say anything about its future popularity.dohoppage thumb Dohop  Collection of Fair and Feasible Flight Fares