docstoc logo Docstoc: a YouTube for professional documents – adds MyDocs and Sync featuresDocstoc the online community that lets its users search and share professional documents launched a couple of new features recently. Docstoc’s launch of My Docs and Docstoc Sync provide the easiest way to put your documents online and the fastest way to preview documents. As we covered the Docstoc’s private documents feature, the service has provided its users with another ease of access.

You can login and access MyDocs and also, download Docsctoc Sync and enjoy the experience. If you’re in need of such a service you’ll find that Docstoc MyDocs provides the best way to store, preview and manage documents online. MyDocs allows you to store all your documents online, privately or publicly, on Docstoc, with access from anywhere at anytime.

docstoc home Docstoc: a YouTube for professional documents – adds MyDocs and Sync features

MyDocs allows the following benefits to its Docstoc users:

• The Fastest way to preview docs online or offline
• Access your most important documents from anywhere
• Quickly Preview any doc with the Docstoc Viewer
• Unlimited online document storage
• Add any doc on Docstoc to your MyDocs folders
• AutoSync your computers’ docs with Docstoc Sync

Here’s a video clip of MyDocs, explaining it’s core and overall functions:

The Docstoc Sync application is easily downloadable and automatically syncs documents from your computer to Docstoc MyDocs. This allows you to automatically upload documents from any folder on your computer whilst keeping them synced with Docstoc MyDocs.

With Docstoc Sync you get:

• Automatic synchronization from your My Documents folder with Docstoc MyDocs
• Keep all your desktop documents updated on Docstoc
• Easiest way to publish; with drag and drop desktop folder
• Works for both PC & Mac

Below is a video clip of the Docstoc Sync application:

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